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FNAC Test clinic

The fine needle aspiration cytology test, also called the FNAC test, is considered to be a safe procedure to investigate the presence and nature of lumps or excessive mass under the skin surface to diagnose the possibility of them being cancerous. This medical procedure is also prescribed by doctors to test for salivary gland, lymph node, or thyroid diseases and illnesses. In simple words, it is a biopsy procedure and serves multiple purposes for a doctor to help with an accurate diagnosis. The FNAC cost in Delhi and other parts of the country can differ, keeping in mind the type of services provided and the convenience attached with the same. One of the main reasons why a fine needle aspiration cytology test is prescribed by doctors is to study the swellings or unexpected lumps that are located under the skin surface and are starting to cause discomfort for a patient. The presence of the lump can either be directly felt by the patient or by the doctor during an examination. Other than this, some medical procedures that can detect the presence of these swellings in a lab include a mammogram, CT scan, or ultrasound.

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