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Scrotum Ultrasound Centre

Sound waves are used in ultrasound imaging of the scrotum to create images of a man's testicles and surrounding tissues. It is the main technique for assessing conditions affecting the scrotum, epididymis (the tubes that collect sperm right near to the testicles), and testicles. Noninvasive, safe, and radiation-free, ultrasound uses no ionizing radiation.It takes very little to no preparation to do this surgery. Wear loose, comfy clothes and leave your jewelry at home. You could be required to don a gown. Pictures of a man's testicles and surrounding tissues can be obtained using ultrasound imaging of the scrotum. A noninvasive medical test that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders is ultrasound imaging. It doesn't hurt and is safe. It uses sound waves to create images of the interior of the body. Another name for ultrasound imaging is sonography. It makes use of gel applied directly to the skin and a tiny probe known as a transducer.

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